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Children should start early with hygiene. Children who are taught how to be clean will ensure they carry out this habit throughout their life. A great way to teach your children about hygiene is to get them Dr. Farah Alam-Mirza’s collection of books on health promotion. There are several books in this series that tell children how to perform certain tasks. These books not only guide the child but also have illustrations to follow. A simple read with an adult can help a child incorporate these habits into their daily life. Get your copies from Amazon now!

Teaching a child hygiene habits is not only socially acceptable but also helps a child have more confidence in themselves. Better hygiene habits also ensure that a child is not falling sick every other day due to the constant ingestion of foreign materials. There are numerous reasons why hygiene habits are important for children.

Improves Health

A child who ensures they are clean and not exposed to dirt and germs all the time will maintain better health than their peers. It is essential for parents to reinforce the habit of washing hands and taking a bath to ensure the child likes the feeling of staying clean.

Improves Growth

A child who is almost never sick and generally kept healthy will have better growth. The immune system of the child will stay stable, ensuring that the child’s body has more time to focus on growth and getting stronger, as opposed to fighting off germs and building antibodies. Getting sick less often also helps a child keep up with school. They do not have to skip or take days off and generally feel better.

Better Social Interactions

A child who has better hygiene will evidently be much more confident than a child who is not. They will not be confronted by children who are blunt and tend to tell people that they smell. A child who is taught to keep up with themselves will always have a better social circle and will generally be more liked by people around them. This likeability factor remains consistent as the child grows up to be an adult.

Better Self-Esteem

A child who is liked by the crowd they are interacting with will have higher self-esteem. The likability factor helps children feel good about themselves. With time, a child has confidence in their social skills and ensures they maintain the same image of themselves in front of their peers.

Hygiene is also a basic trait that every single human being should learn. It helps a person maintain their image in front of their peers and ensures they smell nice all the time. These traits are basic and liked by everyone who surrounds a specific person.

Book Name: Prophet series for children – Books
Author Name: Dr Farah Alam-Mirza
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