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In Islam, Prophet Adam (PBUH) was the first Prophet and human on Earth. He had lived in heaven and was sent to Earth with his wife, Hawwa. Hawwa is also known as Eve in various countries. When Prophet Adam (PBUH) was first created and given life, every angel was commanded to bow down to him since he was deemed a superior creation of God. He was human, and given knowledge, the individualism of a human’s will makes them superior to angels since they only know what God has told them.
In this situation, every angel bowed down to Prophet Adam (PBUH) except Shaytaan. He claimed that he would not bow to a being that was created with clay, as he was made with fire. This pride was the reason he was banished from the first heaven and made to live far away from it. This was when he claimed that he would now be a sworn enemy of mankind.

Prophet Adam (PBUH) was then allowed to live in heaven with Hawwa. They were told to live here and enjoy every bounty that was given to them without any restrictions except for one. They were not allowed to eat a specific fruit from a particular tree. This was when Shaytaan told Hawwa that the only reason God told them not to eat from this tree was that this would cause them to live forever. He promised them that he was not their enemy and just wanted to help them. Once they ate the fruit, their nakedness was exposed to them, and they started to cover themselves up with leaves. God then banished them from heaven and told them that they would now live on Earth and die there.

They wandered the Earth alone and did not meet each other for 40 days and finally reunited on a hill in the Arabian Peninsula called Jabal Rahmah of Arafat. It is narrated that Prophet Adam (PBUH) repented for his sins and was forgiven and made a Prophet. Prophet Adam (PBUH) and Hawwa had many children and were the first humans on Earth.

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