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The Prophets have been sent down on Earth by Allah to help guide the human race to the right path. Some were given scriptures, while others simply carried the messages they received from the previous Prophets. However, many nations and tribes were disrespectful and did not wish to join the message of faith.

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There are multiple reasons why the Prophets are role models for Muslims in today’s world.


The greatest example of kindness was shown by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was a man of virtue, honour, and dignity and always forgave people when they asked for forgiveness. There are multiple incidents of people accepting Islam due to the kindness that the Prophet showed towards them, even letting them live during times of war. He also did not hate his enemies and made sure to be extremely kind towards them as well.

Although Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was an extremely kind human being, he was also very just in the decisions he made. He made sure not to dismiss anyone who needed his help and never allowed anyone to take advantage of another human being. When he had to make firm decisions about what was about to happen, he stood by them until the very end.

The Prophet was also born and raised during a time when Arabs were inconsiderate and unkind. There was evil and sin everywhere, but the Prophet never fell to its temptation. He never indulged in something that was haram and continued to live a pious life even before prophethood was revealed to him.

A Just Leader

There are multiple examples of the Prophet (PBUH) being a model of excellence when it came to being a just leader. He set examples for people to follow instead of sending men off to war and staying back. He made sure to be in every battle that his people fought and made decisions that benefited them the most.


Every Muslim knows how important Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is in Islam and how dear he is to Allah. However, through all this, the Prophet never had any pride in having this title. He made sure to stay a humble messenger of Allah and nothing more. He devoted his life to serving Allah and never took advantage of the benefits that Allah could provide him.

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