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A disciplined child is always well-liked by those around them. Manners and etiquettes make any human being a well-rounded individual who is well-aware of other people and considers them with respect and dignity. In Islam, Muslims should be taught basic guidelines in order to help them throughout their lives. These guidelines are basic manners and keep an individual looking prim and proper throughout their lives. These manners not only help an individual socially but also keep them healthy and active. 

Teaching children basic manners and informing them about Islam is one of the most important duties that a parent should follow. Dr. Farah Alam- Mirza and her Islamic series should be of great help. She is a General Practitioner and has a great interest in helping children and educating people about Islam. She has various series which are dedicated to teaching children hygiene, Islamic knowledge, and various other topics that help children stay healthy and closely attached to Islam. Her books are out now and available on Amazon.

There are various manners that children should be taught from an early age to ensure they carry these values throughout their lives, such as:

Keeping Up With Hygiene

A child should be taught the importance of staying clean and not smelling foul. They should be taught how to properly clean themselves in the shower and after using the toilet. These keep a child healthy and make sure they do not contract any diseases as they grow up. Children who know how to clean themselves will carry these values for the rest of their lives and will ensure they are taking daily showers.                   

Consistently washing your child’s hands can be a bit of a hassle, however, when a child learns how to do it themselves, they will make it a habit. This way, a child’s hands will be kept clean, and their parent would not have to constantly remind them of the act.

No Backbiting Or Slander

Gossip and backbiting are one of the biggest sins a Muslim can commit. And since this practice is rapidly growing, it is important for parents to remind their children of the grave sins they might commit if they backbite about other people. Parents should understand that they are also going to be role models for their children, and they should not talk about people behind their backs.

Sharing information that might be embarrassing about a person, even if it is true is indeed backbiting. Lying about a person and spreading misinformation about a specific person is known as slander, which is even worse.

Ways Of Eating And Drinking

A child should be taught to drink water slowly and calmly. They should also be taught to sit in a resting position and drink water. When it comes to eating food, children should be given small portions and taught to eat slowly and calmly in order to avoid stomach issues. Eating slowly also helps children guess if they are full or not and avoid overeating.

These small habits may seem minute, but they help a child a lot as they continue growing. A person is well-liked due to their controlled words, and such manners continue assisting a child in looking prim and proper.

Author Name: Dr Farah Alam-Mirza
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