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Many things have been written about etiquette and mannerism. All of this was apparently invented by a certain community, whereas all of these were already stated in the Quran 1400 years ago. There are many minute pieces of advice that the Quran give to Muslims to make sure they follow the right path and do not hurt those around them and the ones they might care about. These bits of advice also make a person likable and a generally well-adjusted human being in society.

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Don’t Lie

This is one of the most basic things that a human should follow. It is not allowed to lie in Islam, and it is highly looked down upon.

Don’t Backbite

A Muslim is advised not to backbite about anyone. Even if their anger is justified and they are filled with hate, they should not do so at all.

No Ugly Jokes

In Islam, every single human being has been created with perfection and is beautiful in the eyes of God. This is one of the most important things that people should remember. Such jokes not only hurt the other person but may also make them insecure about the way they look and dress.

Those Who Surround You

It is important to treat people with respect. This does not only apply to those who are close to you but also to those who may not have the blessing that you do. It is also very important to treat the poor and needy with respect. People should not turn them away with harsh words when they do not have anything to give to them, but they should kindly turn them away.


It is advised in Islam to walk humbly. A person should not have pride or arrogance in themselves for the things that Allah has granted them. Though they have worked hard for them, they should not ruin them with pride since it is extremely disliked in Islam. The extent of this reaches a point where a person should even walk with pride.

Do Not Give Hollow Advice

A person should not give another human being any advice if they do not follow it themselves. This is considered hypocrisy, and it is highly disliked in Islam. And since people follow actions more than words, you should simply not suggest something you do not follow yourself. 

Visiting Someone’s House

It is not a good thing to enter someone’s house without informing them, and it is also advised to leave if the person does not invite you inside. If they do offer you dinner, comply, and do not extend your stay after you are done with the food.

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